Adding Insolence To Inquiry

Pigma ink on paper, 2.75″ H x 2.5″ W

Kids are frequently labeled with derogatory terms that have less to do with what the child is experiencing and more to do with what’s going on with the person who is doing the labeling. More often than not, kids are just trying to figure out their world with the help of adults. The irony is that those very adults with no patience for children, were once in the shoes of those children and in the same place of seeking how to figure things out. This piece explores the need to break that chain and stop pretending that we are not all experiencing the same things, just at different stages of life. Wouldn’t it be better to embrace how we can help one another as we pass through these phases? It is part of a portrait series that challenges stereotypes and social norms, explores emotions, and provokes viewers to explore their reactions to the work.

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