The Clap

The Clap was inspired by my experiences in middle school. So many of the girls at that age are consumed by what other people think of them. It’s more important than what they think of themselves. In fact, many are not even capable of thinking about anything on their own—they need substantiation from their flock in order to function at all. Eventually, everyone needs to focus on being an individual.

This piece was part of a juried student exhibition called Self Titled that was on display at The San Diego Art Institute from June 6–19, 2016 and then traveled to Lux Art Institute where it was on display July 30–August 6, 2016. Self Titled was a multi-media exhibition that illustrated defining moments in teens’ lives and demonstrated their unique, individual voices through graphic novels, text, photography, video work, and drawings. (The San Diego Art Institute and Lux Art Institute merged to become the Institute of Contemporary Art San Diego in 2021.)

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