Ten Fifteen Sunday Morning

fabric, thread, ink, chopsticks, cotton, rice, 3″ H x 24″ W x 7″ D

Psychologists contend plush toys are integral to proper human development as they provide context for the individual internal self and the differential other that is our public external source of identification. This led me to question how toys designed to create comfort actually contribute to the epidemic of anxiety and socially driven emotional disorders. Perfectly proportioned dolls suggest unattainable ideals. What if they were more representative of how people really feel yet are ashamed to reveal? That concept of internal emotions vs external facades is explored in my illustrations. Ten O’clock Sunday Morning is one of my illustrations that screamed to evolve from its two-dimensional page into this three-dimensional form. Visceral revulsion quickly transforms to abject fascination and connection with all viewers commenting that although it initially makes them uncomfortable, they relate and are ultimately drawn to it. This exploration of the comfortably uncomfortable is the first in a series.

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